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What is HGC Internet Roaming Service?

Hutchison Global Communications Residential Broadband Services introduces Internet roaming Service with iPassConnect that can satisfy your communication needs in where-ever you are in the world.

From now on, whenever you travel for business or leisure, you can get connected through your hgc broadband e-mail login name and password, send or received electronic mails and keep in close contact with friends, relatives, business partners and clients anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of using this service?

  • International coverage in more than 150 countries and 15,000 cities.
  • Economical as you do not need to pay for the IDD costs. Connection costs can be reduced up to 90% versus making international call back to Hong Kong.
  • You can stay in touch with your friends and family via email even when you are traveling abroad.
  • No registration and installation fee.

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Service charge



Sign-up Fee

$50 (Waived)

Charge per minute

$0.6 or $1.5 for all countries depending on locations
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** Remarks

  • No PNETS charges will be imposed but local telephone charges, extra hotel charges or taxes may still be imposed at the overseas roaming region.

  • The roaming charges will be shown in your HGC monthly statement.

How to operate the service?

Simply follow the procedures below to enjoy the super Internet Roaming Service:

  • You must be a HGC Residential Broadband subscriber.
  • Download the Set-up Guide or Dial-up Connection Kit which lists the access numbers of all cities to facilitate the local access configuration. After installing the access kit, you will find an icon in the shortcut menu. Simply click the icon and select the city through a user-friendly interface, you can then start to enjoy the service.
  • The access numbers list will be constantly updated therefore you are advised to check the access number of country that you will visit and download the latest Dial-up Connection Kit to your computer before you travel.
  • All charges will be consolidated and reflect in your next monthly HGC statement.

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Download the latest Set-up Guide & Dial-up Connection Kit
Check your access number and connection (before leaving Hong Kong)

Step 1: Registration

Dial 1222 for registration.


Step 2: Quick download of Set-up Guide & Dial-up Connection Kit
To enjoy the Internet Roaming Service, you have to download the required Set-up Guide and Dial-up Connection Kit to configure your PC in order to use the service.

  1. Please click here to download iPassConnect Connection Kit

iPassConnect Installation Guide

1. Download and install the iPassConnect Connection Kit

2. Accept the End User Agreement and run the program.

3. Select Options -> User Info , Enter your iPass Username and Password.
(Username in iPassConnect is your e-mail address without domain
for example : your e-mail address is 'username@hgcbroadband.com', your user login name in iPassConnect will be 'username.
Password is same as your e-mail account password.)

4.Select a local number and press "Connect".

For further user information, please see the iPassConnect User Guide for reference.
Download iPassConnect User Guide (iPassConnect-UserGuide-2_1.doc)


Step 3: Before you leave Hong Kong, check the Access Number of the Country which you are going to visit
  1. Click into the page of "List of Access Numbers and Charges" and select the name of the country that you will visit.

  2. Should you find that the access number of the country that you will visit has been changed or updated, you will have to download the Dial up Connection Kit again for the latest version before leaving Hong Kong.


* Please call 1222 for enquiring and application of HGC Residential Service.